Ultra-High Resolution Signal Analysis
High-Performance/High-Speed Data Acquisition

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stereo phase

stereo image Display

Audio Vector Scope






-          advanced color visualizations –

diagnose sound field timing issues

mechanical & environmental noise

joint time-frequency analysis

noise source diagnostics

identify system feedback

color noise contours

audio-voice mapping

system resonances

Sound signatures

rythmic patterns

spectral overlap

masking effects

sound intensity

hot spot search



Acoustics & Sound Quality Measurements

High-Resolution MultiMedia/Audio Test

Data Logging + Automation Tools

UltraFast Parallel Test Modes

Sound & Vibration Analysis

Signal Recognition – Communications
Surveillance – Forensics



Ultra-High Performance if you require a super ultra-high resolution spectral analysis tool designed for research, engineering, technical, design, or high-definition multimedia/audio test applications capable of performing complex signal analysis and advanced post-processing with real-time fractional octave scaling, super ultra-high narrow-band analysis, zoom and dynamic signal time slice analysis, multicolor 3D perspectives – color intensity maps, with a wide array of utility instruments and advanced 2D/3D transformations and Right Click Action Menus for the ultimate in mission critical joint-time and frequency analysis, data acquisition, dynamic data linking, data logging, and ultra-fast parallel test; check out LAB432 signal analysis & data acquisition software.


Application ideal solution for high-definition audio test & measurement or high-speed/ultra high-resolution spectrum analysis --- sound quality, multimedia (e.g. MP3, DVD, internet audio, sound cards, audio electronics, speakers, etc.), electro-acoustics, psychoacoustics, acoustic engineering, electrical power & grid, natural resource exploration & monitoring, wireless & cellular technology, telecommunications - VoIP, network gateways, sound & vibration, underwater acoustics, surveillance, security, COMINT, geophysical process analysis – infrasound, seismic, hydroacoustic, space-based monitoring – science, engineering, technology, defense, space, health, arts.


LAB432 includes the same combined features as PLUS232 and PRO332; however, LAB432 incorporates superior amplitude, frequency & time resolution, measurement accuracy, ultra sampling precision, vivid 3D visualizations perspectives and Enterprise Tools and Utilities, including an advanced Time-Oriented Acoustic Domain Analysis toolset, independent concurrent analyzers offering independent channel calibration & scaling and many other signal processing advancements.  (See items 1 – 8 and 37-63 for advanced features.  Reference items 64 – 68 listed below for other unique LAB432 features).





Time series measurements


Independent Channel Calibration

Zoom Analysis




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1.        Up to 1,048,576 FFT pts

2.        Up to 50:1 decimation

3.        Up to 24-bit measurement accuracy

4.        Up to 192kHz or higher sampling precision

5.        Up to 1/96 octave scaling

6.        Unlimited continuous recording

7.        Signal Generator (mono/stereo/dual channel)

8.        Spectral Weighting (ANSI)


(Product: PLUS232, PRO332, LAB432)

9.        Time & Frequency Domain Analysis

10.     Windowing & Overlap Processing

11.     Zoom & Time Slice Analysis

12.     Dynamic Signal Analyzer

13.     Transient Signal Analyzer

14.     Narrow-Band Spectrum Analyzer

15.     Octave Analysis

16.     Time Domain Recorder

17.     Dual Channel Processing

18.     X-Y Measurements

19.     Cross-Channel Delay Compensation

20.     IFFT, RMS Level, Crest Factor, Q

21.     Low-Pass Decimation Filter

22.     Cursor & Triggered Measurements

23.     Amplitude, Frequency, Auto Scaling

24.     Averaging & Peak Hold

25.     Spectral Overlays & Spectrum Markers

26.     Right Click Actions & Transformations

27.     Spreadsheet – Raw Data Values

28.     Digital Meters

29.     Distortion Analysis

30.     Import/Export/File Merge

31.     Configuration Files

32.     Microphone Compensation

33.     Clipboard Support

34.     Selectable Toolbars

35.     Overload Detection

36.     Color Printing & Annotation


(Product: PRO332, LAB432)

37.     Digital Filters (high, low, notch, bandpass)

38.     Variable Dynamic Filter

39.     User-Defined Waveforms

40.     Sound Level Meter (SLM)

41.     Selectable Integration (slow, med, fast, infinite)

42.     Compliant Sound Level Measurements

43.     LEQ Analysis

44.     Data Logging

45.     Dynamic Program/Data Exchange (DDE)

46.     Remote Control, Automation, Limit Testing, Statistics

47.     Dynamic Performance Measurements

48.     UltraSound Analysis

49.     Infrasonic Analysis & Acquisition

50.     Delay Finder/Speed Of Sound

51.     Spectrum Integration (accel, velocity, displacement)

52.     Vibration Measurements

53.     PSD (Power Spectral Density)

54.     MultiColor Waterfall Displays

55.     Custom Color Spectrogram Displays

56.     Calibrated SPL_Air/SPL_H2O

57.     Custom/Expanded Engineering Units

58.     Support for Nicolet file format (WFT)

59.     Hilbert Transform

60.     Schroeder Integration

61.     DTMF Analysis

62.     Advanced Mute/Gain Adjust

63.     Custom Channel Labels


(Product: LAB432)

64.     Measurement & Automation Toolset…

Macro Command Processor (MCP)

Script-Based Programming Editor

Data Logging (Triggered/Threshold)

Dynamic Program & Data Linking

Noise Monitoring & Event Recording

65.     Acoustic Domain Analysis Toolset…

Reverb Time (RT60 measurements)

Energy-Time Curves (ETC)

3D Surface/Waterfall Plots

Advanced Signal Processing

Delay Finder

Speed Of Sound Measurements

66.     Advanced Scaling & Calibration Toolset…

Independent Concurrent Analyzers

Independent Scaling & Calibration

Independent Cursors, Config Files

Independent Markers, Labeling

Independent Channel Display Options

67.     Advanced Phase Analysis Toolset…

Phase Scope (X-Y Measurements)

Polarity Check

Missing Channel Sensor

Dynamic Stereo Separation

Stereo Image Scope

Audio Vector Scope

Dynamic Sound Field Imaging

68.     Audio Performance Measurement Toolset…

THD, THD+N, IMD, SNR, DR, J-TEST, Zero Signal Noise, Phase Response, Channel Separation, Frequency Response


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