Sensor Signal Conditioner/Sound Card Interface


PC200-ICP   The continuous evolution of our PC-based “SOUNDSERIES” product line is based on over three decades of experience in development, design, calibration and production of precision instrumentation.  The 200-ICP instrumentation I/O combines new technologies and philosophies to provide all the connections you need to record, playback, analyze and monitor high-quality audio or live acoustic sources (e.g. voice, instrument, ambient or environmental sound).  Designed as a portable dual channel signal conditioner accessory for dynamic signal acquisition (DSA) the battery powered unit provides an instrument quality interface for any standard sound card, DAQ board, or one of ST’s “Sound Series” instrument quality data acquisition I/O devices.  Each input consists of selectable precision gain (-20dB, 0dB, +20dB, +40dB) -20dB input jumper, and independent sensor power suitable for use with ICP-type accelerometers and microphones. When ICP sensor power is disabled, the device acts as a direct voltage input to accommodate a wide range of dynamic sensors, transducers, ultrasound probes, laser vibrometers, or other signal sources for advanced PC-based DAQ applications.


FLEXIBLE:  Perfect for laptop users!  Small size, light weight, ruggedized high-impact case incorporates just the right combination of instrumentation connections.  The unit can be operated by battery or 9-18 VDC power - optimized to maintain the highest signal integrity and performance regardless of environment.  A buffered stereo output is provided to interface to the user system. 


PERFORMANCE:  Several key innovations and a host of advanced signal conditioning techniques have been designed into the 200-ICP.  High performance is achieved through the use of proprietary designs, careful engineering, and the highest quality components making it an ideal tool for any application that requires an innovative and reliable stand alone or battery operated dynamic signal conditioning accessory.


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