Sound Monitor Edition

Complex Real-Time Analyzer/Sound Monitor

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RTA132 Sound Monitor
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- Sound Monitoring -
(Recording/Broadcast/Film/Live Sound)
(Cinema/Home Theatre/Car Audio)
(Speaker Testing/Speaker Testing)
(Room Acoustics)



stereo phase

stereo image Display

Audio Vector Scope




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SRTA132 Noise Monitor
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- Environmental Sound –
(Noise Monitoring, Recording, Logging)
(Machinery & Vibration Measurements)
(Building Acoustics, ElectroAcoustics)
(Underwater Acoustics)



Professional Cinema & Live Sound - Audio & Home Theater

Speaker – Room – Building - Underwater Acoustics

Sound Optimization & Acoustic Measurements

- Noise & SoundScape Monitoring -


Frequency – Time – Acoustic Domain Analysis… for the ultimate value in high-resolution complex real-time spectral analysis with finite fractional octave and high-resolution narrowband FFT spectrum analysis; RTA132 also supports high-definition (24-bit/96kHz) audio and incorporates a wide array of advanced utility instruments and processing capabilities.  Modeled after our popular dbx1/RTA4000 instrument which was introduced over a decade ago, our new PC-based SpectraRTA version was designed from a field proven instrument-quality analog perspective with high-performance digital advantages – truly the best of both worlds!


Easy To Use unlike other FFT-based software, RTA132 incorporates proprietary algorithms designed to eliminate errors associated with other measurement systems and therefore does not require expert level knowledge of FFT processing fundamentals.  As a result, a novice and/or seasoned audio engineers will find a very familiar GUI that is intuitive, easy to use and powerful. 


Complex Signal Analysis SpectraRTA transforms your computer into a complex signal analysis system providing several advanced modes, including conventional RTA measurements (energy-vs-frequency), advanced three-dimensional analysis (time-vs-energy-vs-frequency), reverb and decay analysis, fractional octave scaling (up to 1/24), high-resolution narrowband spectrum analyzer (32K FFT pts), AWG (arbitrary waveform generator), digital recorder, phase scope/stereo image display, VU meters along with a host of powerful utility instruments including speed of sound, delay, distortion, noise, room response curves (RRC), transfer functions, coherence, etc.   Far superior to other RTA systems, SpectraRTA not only displays level and frequency, but has advanced time-oriented measurements to analyze the acoustic domain, plus much more…


Scalable the fully scalable architecture makes for a flexible real-time analysis solution designed to meet the demands of a broad spectrum of measurement applications including hi-definition audio test, acoustic-noise-sound surveys, live sound optimization, sound contracting, recording, broadcasting, professional/home cinema – multichannel film/surround sound, corporate presentations, loud speaker/active crossover design, phase imaging, room equalization, delay-decay-reverberation analysis.

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SRTA132 Noise Monitor Edition if you are seeking a powerful comprehensive solution for environmental noise monitoring or seeking a compliant PC-based sound level instrument, or simply want to interface your existing SLM to an RTA for high-definition real-time analysis & acquisition and vivid color visualizations and perspectives… check out our next generation Noise Monitor Edition. 


Powerful Enterprise Utilities and Tools including phase analysis tools, acoustic domain analysis toolset, advanced measurement & automation toolset, compliant sound level measurements and much more.  In addition, configuration files increase productivity by replacing single mouse click actions with quick recall of user saved test setups.  The MCP utility adds a powerful macro command processor, script editor and event recorder/data logger supporting automated measurements and unattended sound-noise monitoring, simultaneous recording and SPL logging with time stamps.  Enhanced DDE commands & requests allow RTA to be dynamically linked to other programs and communicates with the integral MCP utility for seamless internal automation and high-speed logic control.


Industrial & Enterprise Acoustic Measurements & Monitoring… Recreational, Community & Transportation Noise – Aircraft, Road, Railroad, Construction, Building & Room Acoustics, Machinery & Vibration Measurements, and a host of distortion measurements plus an arsenal of utility instruments for detailed inspection of electro-acoustics and other related sound, noise and vibration spectra …manifestations of excitation from electrical, mechanical, acoustic, or aerodynamic sources.



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