Sound Technology manufactures three Distortion Measurement Systems designed to provide precision audio measurements quickly and easily.


Choose from three distortion analyzers and oscillators simultaneously tuned in one fast and easy-to-use system . . .


·          Pushbutton Frequency selection is fast and repeatable.


·          Fully automatic nulling circuits measure distortion as low as 0.0009% in five seconds.


·          RMS, Peak, and Average responding meter circuits let you measure to accepted standards.


·          Measure floating sources from 30uV to 300V; break ground loops with the built-in balanced voltmeter; measure power in dBm or in watts across 8 ohms.


·          Internal 10Hz to 110kHz balanced and floating oscillator is adjustable from -90dBm to +26dBm in 0.1dB precision steps.


·          Measure signal-to-noise ratios with >100dB dynamic range.


·          IM Distortion measurements optional.


Construction Zone… Photos, product descriptions, and specifications will be posted.




Model 1700 Distortion Measurement System


The 1700 provides exceptional performance at an attractive price and is an excellent solution for military, consumer audio, manufacturing, service, etc.











Model 1701 Precision Distortion Measurement System


The 1701 features extremely low distortion and noise at high-frequencies with selected meter response and is an excellent solution for hi-end consumer audio, research, manufacturing, service, etc.











Model 1710 Professional Distortion Measurement System


The 1710 is designed for measurements in strong RF fields and is an ideal solution for professional audio, broadcast or related manufacturing applications.  The unit features extensive RF shielding and has differential input and floating balanced output with precision attenuation and selectable source impedance.