Professional AudioAcoustic Interface


ST192-MIC  The continuous evolution of our PC-based “SOUNDSERIES” product line is based on over three decades of experience in development, design, calibration and production of precision instrumentation.  SoundMIC is a professional self-powered USB AudioAcoustic interface combining new technologies and philosophies to provide all the direct-to-PC connections you need to record, playback, analyze and monitor high-quality audio, dynamic signals, or live acoustic sources (e.g. voice, instrument, ambient or environmental sound).  Ideal for use with precision condenser microphones, the professional dual mic/line combo jacks, low-noise/multi-high gain stages (>60dB), and extended utility features allow direct connection from practically any signal source and provides the ultimate gateway to allow preconditioned data to be sent directly to your PC with a high-degree of accuracy and immunity to PC and other electrical noise and interference.  Connect anything from mics, instruments, or any audio device directly into your PC via the robust interface; further reducing noise and hassles of extra cables, connectors or other uncalibrated gear.


FLEXIBLE:  Perfect for laptop users!  Small size, light weight, ruggedized high-impact case incorporates just the right combination of Acoustic and ProAudio connections.  The hot swappable/self-powered USB design utilizes a proprietary isolated, preconditioned, and regulated power supply scheme - optimized to maintain the highest signal integrity and performance regardless of environment.  A buffered stereo output is provided to interface to the user system and the built-in high-quality headphone output is ideal for a truly professional monitoring experience for mixing, recording, live sound or audio test. 


PERFORMANCE:  Several key innovations and a host of advanced signal conditioning techniques have been designed into SoundMIC.  High performance is achieved through the use of proprietary designs, careful engineering, and the highest quality components making it an ideal tool for any application that requires an innovative and portable ProAudio/Mic PreAmp interface designed and optimized for the real world of PC-based AudioAcoustics, advanced signal analysis, processing and audio test.