Precision Dynamic Signal Acquisition Interface


ST219-ICP  The “SOUNDSERIES” product line is based on over three decades of experience in development, design, calibration and production of precision instrumentation.  An extraordinary DSA/signal conditioner, SoundDAQ utilizes the latest advances in technology and philosophy. The portable design combines the best proven sensing techniques to provide superior performance for the most demanding data acquisition applications – sound, acoustic and vibration surveys.  Ideal for use with ICP-type precision accelerometers and microphones, the instrumentation quality I/O features overload status and protection, low-noise/multi-high gain stages with calibrated stepped amplification (individually selectable gains of -20dB, 0dB, +20dB, +40dB) ICP sensor power on both channels.  The extended utility features allow connection from practically any signal source while providing the ultimate gateway to allow preconditioned data to be sent directly to your PC with a high-degree of accuracy and immunity to PC and other electrical noise and interference.  When ICP sensor power is disabled, the device acts as a direct voltage input to accommodate a wide range of dynamic sensors.  Connect anything from mics, sensors, transducers, ultrasound and medical probes, laser vibrometers, instrumentation, or other signal sources directly into your PC via the robust I/O interface; further reducing noise and hassles of extra cables, connectors or other uncalibrated instrumentation.


FLEXIBLE:  Perfect on the bench, in the trench, or in the research lab!  Small size, light weight, ruggedized case incorporates just the right combination of robust instrumentation connections. The hot swappable/self-powered USB design utilizes a proprietary isolated, preconditioned, regulated power supply scheme; optimized to maintain the highest dynamic data acquisition performance regardless of environment.  The all-in-one unit can be used as a stand alone portable signal conditioner, or as a precision analog front-end for your existing DAQ/PC sound card, or simply connect it directly to your computer and use it as an integrated USB-based DSA to monitor, capture, record, or analyze sound, vibration, or any live acoustic sources (e.g. voice, instrument, noise, ambient or environmental sound).  A buffered dual channel output is provided to interface to the user system and a high-quality headphone output is provided to monitor sound, vibration, or noise in real-time, playback or post-processing modes.  An internal 1kHz oscillator is available for SysTest, calibration, UUT stimuli, and shaker/thruster excitation. Complete I/O logic control is also provided for measurement applications requiring automation or remote access.


PERFORMANCE:  Several key innovations and a host of advanced signal conditioning techniques have been designed into SoundDAQ.  Superior performance is achieved through the use of proprietary designs, careful engineering, and the highest quality components making it an ideal and innovative solution for any mission critical PC-based DAQ, advanced signal analysis, processing, control, and precision instrumentation applications.


ICP is a registered trademark of PCB Group, Inc. Depew, New York