Sound Technology designed the 3000 Series instruments with flexibility in mind.The ability to configure the system as an integrated audio test system for bench or rack-mount applications or as a separate Generator and Analyzer allows for easy and cost effective remote testing.Impromptu automated remote testing is easy because of STís use of FSK automation.No computers, modems, or phone lines are necessary.The built-in intelligence eliminates the need for external computers and provides bi-directional STL, satellite uplink/downlink, or receiver testing is possible without the need for computers.The 3000 series also excels in bench-top and production test applications as it incorporates GPIB, RS-232, and Centronix parallel ports for automated testing.

Choose from several configurations (i.e. separate portable audio analyzer/generator or integrated bench-top/rack-mount audio test system in one fast and easy-to-use system . . .


Construction ZoneÖ Photos, product descriptions, and specifications will be posted.



Model 3100 Portable Audio Signal Generator



Model 3200 Portable Audio Signal Analyzer













Model 3000 Benchtop Audio Test System