ST400 Base Model

Integral LCD Menu System

Linux-Powered RTOS w/Optimized Kernel

Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA)

GPS & Wireless Enabled

High Quality Audio Output/Monitor

ST400CF Base Model

Integral LCD Menu System

Linux-Powered RTOS w/Optimized Kernel

Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA)

GPS & Wireless Enabled

High Quality Audio Output/Monitor

Ultra-High Speed USB2 port

Dual Compact Flash w/Auto Rollover



Dual Channel Acquisition Module…

Linear Phase Digital Anti-Alias Filter
Enhanced Dual-Bit and Multi-Bit Architecture

Input Voltage Range: <1mV … 70Vrms (+/-100Vpeak)

Input Overload Protection
>100dB spectral dynamic range (unweighted)

Frequency Response: <1Hz … >20kHz
Sample Rates: 4kHz, 8kHz, 11.025kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz

<1Hz Infrasonic Acquisition



12VDC Input Jack (9V – 35V range)

Low Power Consumption (~1A system average)

RJ-45 Ethernet Port (10/100)

Dual Ultra-High-Speed USB2 Ports

System Ground Jack

Rugged Dual Channel BNC

Optional: 4 Analog Inputs

Signal Conditioning…

Input Mode: (ICP®, SE, DIFF) w/LED status
Selectable:  Gain (x0.1, x1, x10, x100) w/LED status

Dual Precision ANSI Filter: Flat / ‘A’ Weighting


Output Format: Wave, Wave+SPL, SPL

Record/Log Modes: 1. Continuous/Scheduled WAVE;
2. Continuous/Scheduled SPL data log;
3. Continuous/Scheduled joint WAVE+SPL data log;
4. Scheduled WAVE + Continuous SPL data log.


Advanced Signal Analysis
Time – Frequency – Acoustic Domain Measurements

2D/3D Transformations

Advanced Computations


ST Certified Add-Ons

GPS Sensor

Wireless-G Network Adaptor

Rechargeable Battery Pack

Pre-Formatted FAT32 Compact Flash Memory

Removable Pre-Formatted FAT32 Hard Drives (2.5” pocket size)

Best Of Both Worlds…

Wide Area Wireless Solution

USB2 + Wireless-G (54Mbps)

Fully compatible with the Linksys WAP54G
Supports multiple wireless devices

Compatible with Wireless-B (11Mbps) standard

Point-to-multiple point wireless operations

Global Positioning System
Integrated time server with GPS reference clock
in accordance with Network Time Protocol (NTP)


Intelligent – Programmable Data Storage Rollover System

Status with Auto Power Off
Soft System Power Off Mode

Ruggedized & Environmentally Engineered
Exceeds IEC/military temperature, humidity, shock, vibration specs

Form Factor: 3.75” x 6.75” x 11.5” (HWD)

Mobile Enclosure: Ruggedized Metal Case


Easy To Use SoundScape Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Worldwide Internet-Based Remote Control & Monitoring

Control and Monitor Multiple Recorders

Embedded Web-Enabled Operations

Embedded FTP Server

Total Integrated System Approach

high performance embedded linux solution
rugged mobile design for the real world

Fast Reliable Flexible Compact Scalable Deterministic Integrated

The ultimate way to capture continuous and interval data
over variable and/or selectable durations of time without interruption . . .

targeted embedded environment saves system computing resources and offers flexible recording schemes.
Low-power consumption allows extended remote recording sessions and continuous high-speed data acquisition

Stand Alone Self Running High-Performance Mobile Embedded System

no external computer required!

·          Embedded Linux
Optimized kernel with Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA).

·          Professional Recording
Dynamic multi-channel signal acquisition with precision input conditioning.

·          Flexible Storage Options
Save audio files to compact flash, hot swappable internal hard drives, or external USB2 storage devices.

·          Windows OS/Mac
Save standard linear (.wav) sound files (FAT32) or AIFF files.

·          Interoperability
Removable plug-&-play CF/USB2 data storage devices can be connected directly to Unix, MAC or Windows-based computers.

·          Scheduled Recording
Extensive recurring interval recording schemes, or continuous uninterrupted recording.

·          Remote Control
Secure access and control via a standard web-browser from anywhere in the world with a direct or networked connection.

·          Post Analysis
Perform advanced signal analysis from the removable hard drives, or download the audio/data files to your local disk via FTP for post analysis using ST SpectraSeries, Matlab, or any other analysis tool.


Zoom/Slice Analysis   Spreadsheet Views


Joint Time & Frequency Analysis

2D/3D Transformations




Dynamic Signal Analysis

3D Surface Plots/Waterfall Perspectives


Transient Signal Analysis
3D Color Contours/Noise Surveys/Sound Intensity
Voice Printing/Sound Signatures


Fractional OctaveBand Analysis

Concurrent Average vs Peak Spectrum

Independent SLM Averaging (Slow, Med, Fast, Infinite)


introducing the next generation in ruggedized embedded mobile recording solutions . . .

Air – Land – Sea – Space – Environmental – Natural Resources – Network Gateways
Sound – Vibration – Acoustics – Audio – Data

High-Performance instrumentation data recorder
high-speed real-time acquisition system

- information subject to change without further notice -


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