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Welcome and thank you for your interest in our innovative customer-centric solutions.  ST clients value our integral modular framework and expertise… additionally, application-specific designs can also be created to ensure the highest quality tailored solution is provided.


SpectraSERIES: Scalable to accommodate every application and budget, a wide array of targeted add-ons now extend Spectra’s productivity to more applications than ever before and provides immediate acquisition & measurement – Spectra is ready to go out of the box, no programming required!

Product Tour:  Per the links provided above, take a tour of our advanced SpectraSoftest product line which will give you an opportunity to obtain a general feel for our advanced signal analysis, acquisition, processing and vivid color visualization capabilities. 


Expertise:  If you need assistance, help can be provided to sort through the pros and cons of each architecture, approach and product option and/or if you want to learn more about product features, advantages and benefits, feel free to contact a product application specialist targeted information will be provided to help tailor an application-specific solution.


LiveSound/Acoustic Analysis: If you’re seeking a PC-based version of our popular dbx-1/RTA4000 real-time analyzer instrument, check out SpectraRTA132 Sound Monitor software.


Upgrade:  If you have a registered Spectra software version and wish to upgrade your software, contact us for the latest Upgrade Options available.  Include your current “version level  go to Spectra <HELP><About>…  X.XX.xx (send your (5) digit version code).


Advisory:  IF you have an active “permanent” software license – IMPORANT: Do not install trial versions over your existing license and/or do not uninstall the software or loss of software authorization may result.


Registration:  If you already purchased a license and would like to register your software with our worldwide licensing department for automatic product developments and available product enhancements, contact: ST License Dept


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