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 To develop innovative and advanced computer-based hardware and software products.

 To deliver cost-effective, easy to use, highly efficient - productive tools to a wide array of industry.

 To insure long-term value and success for our customers, partners and team - the enterprise.

ALLIANCES . . . It is our goal to further develop win-win relationships and opportunities within our emerging strategic alliances, sales and technology partners worldwide. Over the past few years we have reinvested in our mission forming several new engineering & service subsidiaries and have expanded our associate sales & support representatives worldwide while we continue to expand our industry relations - adding OEM, systems integrators and specialized design/sales/support/service consultants to our Alliance Program.

TAP INTO OUR EXPERIENCE . . . A spin-off from HP Labs – ST welcomes you in a celebration of our 35th anniversary as a leader in high-performance signal processing, analysis, acquisition, instrumentation & measurement technologies.  We offer a wide range of solutions from our low-cost gateway products to our sophisticated high-end integrated systems.  Our advances in design give you faster processing, increased system resources, simplified embedded system integration and dynamic power management to ensure low-power consumption for ruggedized portable/mobile applications.  We are committed to providing innovative designs to make acquisition and measurement systems smaller, faster, more functional, and more distributed to meet the demands of the new millennium.

COLLABRATIVE GLOBAL REACH . . . Comprised of independent companies and design/sales/service/support consultants, the ST collaborative partners provide a comprehensive network of solutions and services to our vast customer base worldwide; many of our strategic partners have selected our products to build their respective businesses around.  These companies provide more than software, hardware and test & measurement expertise – they have extensive applications experience for a wide range of markets including Audio, Digital Radio, Industrial, Medical Instrumentation, Aerospace, Aviation, Automotive, Transportation, Environmental Noise, Satellites, Acoustic Research, Ultra Sound, Laser, Image Processing, Motor/Motion Control, Radar, Sonar, Telcom, Telephony, Sound Processing, Signal Analysis, Data Acquisition, Noise/Sound Monitoring and other targeted technologies and markets -  to name just a few areas of expertise within our global enterprise.

SETTING THE PACE . . . Located in the heartland of leading global technology centers – for over three decades Sound Technology has pioneered the development of advanced Test & Measurement Instruments, (ATS) Automated Test Systems, Portable Intelligent Split-Site Test Systems, RTA Acoustic Analyzers, Tape Recorder Test Systems for the Pro-Audio, Sound Monitoring, Live Sound, Acoustic, Recording, Broadcast, Consumer, Industrial & Government markets worldwide.

REVOLUTIONARY . . . ST has invested resources to revolutionize industry and has created a virtual global enterprise – producing innovative solutions and forever changing the way scientists and engineers acquire, process, control, display, transform and analyze spectral data and information.  In recent years, our Spectra Group has developed flexible and expandable PC-based data analysis and presentation Softools supporting a broad spectrum of industry applications; well beyond our traditional T&M base.

COST vs PRODUCTIVITY . . . With the on-going technological boom and rapid advances in modern computer technology, transforming your existing PC into a powerful FFT Spectral Analysis & Data Acquisition System, along with a host of other virtual instruments allows you to replace expensive, slower, obsolete, inflexible equipment with your powerful multipurpose PC-based laboratory toolset. The cost of instrumentation goes down while productivity goes up.

A NEW ERA . . . Today, powerful PC's are setting the standards for a new wave of PC-Based Instrumentation. ST is leveraging off the power and low-cost of PC's and workstations and working to build new strategic business partners while working in concert with common goals and objectives to deliver the next generation of virtual instrumentation technologies - pre-defined, flexible PC-Based Test.

SCALABLE ARCHITECTURE . . .  Our Spectra Group specializes in providing the flexibility required to meet the growing and diverse needs of different client applications. By delivering an unprecedented level of reuse at the lowest possible cost – collaborative teams can leverage off the work of others using the same technological tools as opposed to reinvesting or duplicating expensive dedicated instruments.

LEVERAGE YOUR INVESTMENT . . .  By utilizing wide ranging scales of economy within the advancing PC industry, our products provide cost-effective solutions that can be leveraged throughout your enterprise.  And as new technologies continue to evolve based on advances in the PC industry, our goal remains the same… acquire data faster, more accurately, with less work, at a genuine value. 

We look forward to you joining us as partners in the new millennium.


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